How two couch potatoes became chicken farmers over the course of two years.

Natalie Overfelt/ November 4, 2022/ Farm, Journey/ 0 comments

Our farm started in 2021 on our couch in College Station, TX. Some people do a “Couch to 5k,” we did a “Couch to 500 Chickens.”

We read books and watched homesteaders living this life on YouTube until we felt in our hearts it was time to move back to Missouri and do something about it (also, our lease was up and it was time to move on).

Thankfully we have some incredibly supportive family and friends who helped us build infrastructure, do the dirty work on processing days, and just listen to us talk about chickens – they are saints!

When I pause to think about why in the world we did so much at once with so little farming experience, the reason that comes to mind is because this is something we expected to change our lives – and that’s exactly the kind of thing you want to share with other people.

Even strangers on the internet.

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So when you buy meat or eggs from Overfelt Farms, know that we’ve done all of this with YOU in mind. We are here to build our community and relationships within it.

And we sincerely hope your health and your palate will be most pleased with the results.

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