We are blessed to have many people in our lives that we consider family. Our main crew consists of Sam, Nat, and “lil” G. And of course our dogs, Rose and Ivy (2014-2022, but forever in our hearts).

Our dream of homesteading and farming has steadily become more and more of a reality. We heavily rely on our trust in God’s plan for our lives and cultivate an endless desire to learn new skills.

We believe whether we own it, rent it, or simply walk on it, we are but stewards of the land, and we are continually making changes in our lives to reflect that belief.

Thanks for joining us as we move down this path toward regenerative farming and homesteading. We hope to serve you well.


We are currently situated on a peaceful 3.5 acres in Southwest Missouri where the field is filled with boulders, the walnut trees act like they own the place, and the ticks are always popping up in unexpected places.

Suffice to say, there’s nowhere we’d rather be.


We start our Cornish Cross meat chickens in brooders and transfer them to outdoor chicken tractors once they are old enough to tolerate more fluctuations in temperature.

The chicken tractors provide access to the outdoors, plenty of ventilation and shade, and (most importantly) protection from predators.

We move our chicken tractors one to two times a day to provide our chickens with clean grass and fresh forage. This keeps our chickens clean, protects the ground from over-scratching, fertilizes the ground, and keeps the chickens interested in pecking the next round of bugs instead of each other. How’s that for multi-tasking??

Once the chickens are mature (about 8 weeks for Cornish Cross), they are processed on-farm with the highest level of care and consideration and under sanitary conditions.

Check this page to see when our next batch of chicken will be available for purchase!

More info on eggs and Thanksgiving Turkeys coming soon!