Roasted Chicken and Sliced Potatoes

Natalie Overfelt/ November 4, 2022/ Recipes/ 0 comments

This recipe is extremely adaptable to your flavor preferences. I adapted it myself from Bon Appetit.

Phase 1:
-Get a chicken (preferably a pasture-raised one from Overfelt Farms – Get it here!).
-Thaw said chicken in refrigerator (if frozen).
-Open and drain thawed chicken.
-Pat dry if you wish.
-Place chicken on a tray.
-Salt chicken liberally (enough to coat the skin all over, but not form a crust).
-Return chicken to refrigerator for 1 to 24 hours (longer = more flavor & tenderness).

Phase 2:
-Remove chicken from refrigerator 1 hr before cooking.
-At some point, put a little oil on it and season it however you like (no need to add additional salt, although I often just use up seasoning I have, and most pre-made rubs contain added salt. Oh well.)
-Pre-heat oven to 425 °F.

Phase 3:
-Transfer your chicken to a cast iron pan.
-Add thinly sliced potatoes if you want.
-Roast in oven for 50 min.
-Use a meat thermometer to check temp (looking for thighs to be 165 °F).
-Let it rest for 10-15 min before carving (this helps the muscle fibers hang on to their juices and IT’S TOO HOT TO TOUCH, ASK ME HOW I KNOW!).

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